Enhance your expertise and evolve in the field of aesthetics with us.

You will discover new opportunities and be prepared to face the challenges in the industry. It is an essential step to differentiate yourself and position yourself at the forefront of the dynamic evolution of the aesthetic field.

Aesthetics Academy represents the highest standard of quality in transmitting the techniques used in aesthetic medicine and minimally invasive treatments to those who wish to work in this field. Success is ensured by a team of doctors with extensive experience in these beauty procedures

Finding the right courses that will help you in the development of your career is very important, and we provide you with the most trendy techniques, taught by the trendiest doctors


By participating in an advanced course dedicated to facial aesthetics and cosmetic procedures with injections, our participants benefit from comprehensive training in the field. This training opportunity not only develops the practical skills needed but also makes significant contributions to the complex understanding of facial aesthetics.

In addition to the technical aspects of equipment manipulation and precise procedure execution, the course focuses on encouraging creativity and artistic vision in the application of techniques. Thus, graduates become not only skilled practitioners but also artists in shaping and enhancing facial harmony.

Special emphasis is placed on implementing the highest standards of hygiene and safety in facial aesthetics practice. An integral part of the course involves learning strict protocols regarding instrument sterilization, efficient management of biological waste, and other essential aspects to minimize the risks of infections or complications.

The courses are primarily aimed at doctors, but can also be taken by individuals who wish to practice in countries where medical studies are not mandatory.


Our courses are designed to provide you with an unforgettable experience through which you will acquire the following knowledge:

  • Theoretical presentation section of the procedure
  • Safety standards and professional ethics
  • Practical part, injections on models under the supervision of a doctor (models can be brought by participants or requested from the organizer)
  • Fundamental notions of aesthetics
  • Opportunity to work with professional products and equipment
  • Participation certificate