Razvan Dumitrescu, known for his unique style in tattoo art and the experience gained over the years in Romania as well as in Europe, USA, manages to translate emotions, stories, and unique experiences onto the skin.

Professionalism, dedication, and creativity are some of the most important aspects when it comes to tattoos. Razvan, through his desire to share as much of his knowledge and to open up your path in the world of tattoos, has created a well-structured course since 2022, dedicated to both beginners and tattoo artists looking to improve their skills.

Talent is not as important, but with dedication and perseverance on your part and alongside Razvan as a mentor, you will be guided to understand the secrets of this profession, to easily become a perfect tattoo artist.


Pentru informații suplimentare sau disponibilitate la acest curs, te rugăm să ne contactezi completând formularul de mai jos sau direct la: